"The fit is perfect, the sound excellent (so real, with a beautiful Bass-end) and the stereo imaging is astounding. For me it’s like hearing the music as it was in the studio. Beautiful.”

Phill Brown Sound Engineer
Talk Talk, Bob Marley, Faithless

To enjoy your earphones as much as Phill is, knowing how to fit them is essential to achieving the highest sound quality.


Here's a quick guide on things to check to make sure you're getting the best fit! 

If you have any questions regarding fitting just reply to this email.

Tip-Top Tips


Before you use your earphones it's vital you have the correct size tips for your ears. Start by testing the smallest size and if you do not achieve a perfect seal, move to the bigger sizes. The earphones should not fall or hang out of your ears and should sit comfortably.


Don’t forget – each ear is different you could be a different size in each ear.

Red is right

The E-Prototype has a coloured sleeve on each side. The red sleeve represents the right hand channel and the blue sleeve represents the left hand channel. This is the quickest way of determining the correct orientation.

You'll also see an ‘L’ or ‘R’ on the side of each body.


If you’re using the E-3D-1 you will notice an ‘L’ and ‘R’ on the side of the body and the microphone will also mark the right-hand side.

Mic is always right

Another quick way to figure out your left from right is to look for the mic on the earphone cable. The microphone will always be on the right hand channel (red sleeve).

The cable hangs down

When fitted correctly, the cable should hang down towards the floor. If your cable is facing up or forwards, your earphones are not seated properly.

Make sure you can see L and R

When fitting your earphones, the L and R on the housing should face you. The earphones should be orientated as follows:

Left EarRight Ear

Here's what some more Flare friends had to say

Stephen Fry | Actor, Author, Broadcaster and Comedian

“Simply incredible. I think it’s the clarity that so stuns me, clarity without any hint of the coldness and loss of warmth that is the usual trade-off in achieving that level of precision… clarity + depth = joy.”

Barb Morrison | Film Composer, Producer | Blondie, Rufus Wainwright

"I just started checking my mixes on them and they were the most honest what I was hearing in the studio, they were the most clear and had the most truth."

Neil Gaiman | Author |The Sandman, Coraline, Stardust, American Gods

"I've had to listen to and sign off on a lot of audio and stuff that's been coming through. On television shows like the Sandman where I will be getting final sound mixes to listen to and the thing that made it easy, the thing that made it bearable was my little Flare headphones. I would put them in, they would fit, they would head what felt like all the way deep into my brain. And I would be there and listening, and it was magic, and they're magic. And I don't know how they do it."

Isy Suttie | Comedian, actress, writer

"They enhance my listening experience of music. I absolutely love these headphones. They make you feel like you're at a gig. That's the only way to explain it. So you can be washing up or walking along the street and your feel like you're in Brixton Academy. Right in the middle of the music and it is transformative. I don’t know how they do it. It probably involves some kind of magic. I love Flare. I think they're a brilliant company and I'm very pleased that they're in my life."

Chris Kimsey | Producer and Engineer, The Rolling Stones, Duran Duran | Sound Consultant and Chairman at Olympic Sound Studios

"They just seemed to be extraordinarily balanced between the bottom end and the mid and the top end everything was very, very clear. In working on mixing reggae you use a lot of spin delay echoes and in mixing with the e-prototype I could hear the trail of the echo even longer than I could when I was listening on the speakers which just showed how much more I was hearing - I was experiencing."