"The fit is perfect, the sound excellent (so real, with a beautiful Bass-end) and the stereo imaging is astounding. For me it’s like hearing the music as it was in the studio. Beautiful.” 

Phill Brown Sound Engineer
Talk Talk, Bob Marley, Faithless

To enjoy your earphones as much as Phill is, knowing how to fit them is essential to achieving the highest sound quality.


Here's a quick guide on things to check to make sure you're getting the best fit! 

If you have any questions regarding fitting just reply to this email.

Tip-Top Tips


Before you use your earphones it's vital you have the correct size tips for your ears. Start by testing the smallest size and if you do not achieve a perfect seal, move to the bigger sizes. The earphones should not fall or hang out of your ears and should sit comfortably.

Don’t forget – each ear is different you could be a different size in each ear.

Red is right

The E-Prototype has a coloured sleeve on each side. The red sleeve represents the right hand channel and the blue sleeve represents the left hand channel. This is the quickest way of determining the correct orientation.

You'll also see an ‘L’ or ‘R’ on the side of each body.

Mic is always right

Another quick way to figure out your left from right is to look for the mic on the earphone cable. The microphone will always be on the right hand channel (red sleeve).

The cable hangs down

When fitted correctly, the cable should hang down towards the floor. If your cable is facing up or forwards, your earphones are not seated properly.

Make sure you can see L and R

When fitting your E-Prototype's the L and R on the housing should face you. The earphones should be orientated as follows:

Left EarRight Ear

Here's what some more Flare friends had to say about the E-Prototype

“Simply incredible. I think it’s the clarity that so stuns me, clarity without any hint of the coldness and loss of warmth that is the usual trade-off in achieving that level of precision… clarity + depth = joy.”

Stephen Fry

Actor, Author, Broadcaster

“I cannot take these off! I am hypnotised by the sound coming from the E-Prototype.

They have such a wide stereo image, much deeper bass and more depth of sound than I’ve heard before. They are light as a feather and sit perfectly - they float in my ears!”

Chris Kimsey

Producer | Rolling Stones, Duran Duran, Yes

“These buds are unbelievable. So light and comfortable you kind of forget you’re wearing them except for the wonderfully full sound in your ears. Thanks Flare. A triumph.”

Mark Radcliffe – Broadcaster, Musician, Author