Sleeep Pro Dual and Sleeep Aluminium Dual are very effective at blocking sound from entering your ears. Imagine sealing your ears with a metal shield as opposed to a foam one. However, sound will still vibrate your skull (much less than sound entering your ears would). This is called bone conduction.

What Sleeep earplugs do (when correctly fitted) is they 'turn the volume of the world down drastically', So it’s not 100% silence, but certainly enough to ensure that noises that go bump in the night don't wake you up!

Sleeep earplugs are designed especially for all-night comfort and blocking out irritating sounds, such as snoring and general ambient noise. This helps most people fall asleep more easily for a long and uninterrupted nights rest. Our new range of sleeping earplugs includes an improved memory foam tip design to maximise peace and comfort during the night.

As Sleeep is self-certified and everyone’s environment differs, so do the results for each individual. You may be pleased to know that we also offer a 100-day money-back guarantee should you not get on with any of our products.