1. Choose your tips carefully.

Your earHD 90 comes with a selection of tips to help you get a perfect fit. You might find each ear is a slightly different size, so you might be a medium in one ear and a small in the other. Try out the different sizes and see which fits you best. You’ll know you’ve got a good fit if when you put your finger over the open end of earHD 90 it blocks out sound. Check out our fitting video here.

2. Getting the right angle.

In order to hear sound in front of you with greater definition and to occlude (reduce) the sound around you then you need to ensure your earHD 90 are facing the right direction. Angle them so that the open end of the funnel shape of earHD 90 is facing forward. Once you’ve done this and there is a sound in front of you that you want to hear in greater detail then simply face that direction and listen. You can test this out by dangling a bunch of keys in front of you - you should hear a lot more information in this sound than usual. If not then everyone’s ears are slightly different so just carefully angle your earHD 90 until you hear a noticeable difference.

3. Sound Experiments.
earHD 90 is a passive hearing device that enables us to focus on sound that emanates from in front of us. As sound is invisible and earHD 90 is passive it can take some a little while to open their ears to earHD 90. The best way to get started is to first try out some sound experiments so that you can hear what earHD 90 is doing. a) Create one music source and ensure that the sound is aimed straight at you. A quick and easy way to do this is with a mobile phone, play music through its speaker and place it on a surface, then as you turn your head towards it and away you will notice how the sound changes. As shown in our videos, a loudspeaker is also a great way to demonstrate the sound improvement as reflections are reduced and sound quality is improved from the direct sound. Check out our audio experiment here b) Take earHD 90 outside and listen to the wildlife. With your ears tuned in you can spot greater detail and become hooked on picking out sound information that you would not normally hear. earHD 90 is really impressive at a concert or theatre show as it focuses your ears on the loudspeakers and minimises reflections from the room. earHD will revolutionise your live music experience, it makes a concerts and theatre shows even more special.

4. Have open ears!

Like Stephen Fry said:

“As long as you’ve got open ears – they will be even more open.”

With earHD 90 you do have to use your ears in a slightly different way than you are used to. Take your time, be patient. Think of it like using a muscle in a new way for the first time. You can’t expect to lift heavy weights if you’ve not worked up to it. Your ears are much the same.