Flares® JET earphones produce a bright and lively sound with excellent bass response.

Flares® JET 1 is made from a high tensile polymer and Flares® JET 2 is precision turned from aerospace aluminium. Aluminium is more rigid and hardwearing than polymer and so is capable of a better sound delivery due to minimised resonance of the shell.

Flares® JET 3 is the premium earphone in the JET series.

Now available in a third model the JET 3 enclosure is manufactured from a solid bar of titanium grade 5. This material is 12x stronger than aluminium and is the only element to feature a close packed hexagonal structure resulting in a very rigid shell structure providing ultra low resonance. Combine this with JET technology and the JET 3 produces wonderfully high resolution sound making Flares® JET 3 the best of the Flares® JET range.